Who wears CTR silicone rings?

Silicone rings aren’t just for athletes anymore! Sure, athletes love them, but as the word gets out about these value-driven, safe alternatives to traditional metal rings, more and more people are starting to get in on the trend. Here’s a look at some of our most loyal customer groups, and why they love Be You Bands

Gym Goers

Our Be You Bands are safe, stylish and versatile. Engineered to adapt to your job and active lifestyle. Most people associate silicone rings with athletes. However everyday gym goers love wearing silicone rings. That's because they are soft, flexible, and move as you work. Our CTR Silicone Rings are great for the active person whether that means a morning at the yoga studio or a night of CrossFit Training, the ring was intricately designed to withstand any environment. 


Mom always has her hands in a lot of things. From helping with school projects to carrying the bat bags for little league, a mother's hands are never at rest. Silicone rings are tough, just like mom. They stand up to stress, movement, and chemicals with impressive endurance. Pair that with comfort and an affordable price point and it only makes sense that moms love Be You Bands, too.

Military and First Responders

First on the scene and fearless. Police officers, firefighters, paramedics, marines, air force pilots and soldiers are the people we call for help when the unimaginable happens. The last thing these brave individuals have time to worry about is a ring that catches and snags on clothing or other items during an emergency situation. That's why military and first responders turn to Be You Bands. Our silicone rings sit close to the finger and won't easily snag on items. If they do catch, our silicone rings are designed to give way to avoid damage to your fingers


Be You Bands come in many different colors which work great for missionaries. Our CTR Silicone rings are not only perfect for daily reminders of our faith and why we are called to serve, but they are great ways to share our testimonies. Many missionaries talk about how our CTR silicone rings are conversation starters. Because our rings come in many different colors, missionaries have the luxury of choosing a new one every day to match their suits and attire. These are perfect to travel with too. Missionaries don't have to worry about losing an expensive ring while being far away from home serving.

Do you identify with any of the groups above? Are you ready to see what all of the buzz is about? Be You Bands is all about commitment, and we’re committed to giving you a top-notch shopping experience. Start by checking out our men and women collections here:

With love,

Paul Billings


Be You Bands

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