Unbroken: the power of healing

As a parent, our biggest fear is seeing our children sick, hurt or in pain. However, it’s our job as parents to teach our children the gift of agency. This week, my five-year-old son Collin tested the limits of gravity. He quickly learned how gravity works. Collin has always been a daredevil. He is fairly confident and likes to push the limits. As Collin was playing Superman, he forgot he doesn’t have the same super power, flying.

Collin’s arm was broken upon landing. His cry was loud and he quickly realized he didn't make a good decision. My wife and I rushed him to the emergency room where the doctor confirmed our concerns. Collin was devastated, however he still didn’t quite understand the long term consequences of his decision. All he could think about was how he is going to wave to the audience during his school’s Christmas program. The next 6-8 weeks, Collin's life was going to be different and very limited. It was going to be hard and challenging and as his father I, too, felt his pain.

This must be how Heavenly Father feels when He sees His own children making mistakes. He gave us the gift of agency so we could learn and grow and He gave us the knowledge of right and wrong. He wants us to be happy but He knows the only way for us to gain wisdom is to have opposition in all things. Sadness and pain are part of His plan.

As the doctor reviewed Collin’s X-ray and updated his chart, he told us it would take time to heal. However, as the bone heals it will become stronger than it was before. The cast will protect the bone to ensure a quick and proper recovery. It’s incredible to think how powerful the mind and body are. I compare this process to the repentance process.

Heavenly Father is always reviewing our physical, emotional and spiritual charts. His X-ray ability allows Him to constantly know what pain and sorrow His children are experiencing. As we begin the repentance process it will be painful and will take time to heal, but our physical, emotional and spiritual body will grow back stronger than before. As you continue to heal, the Holy Ghost will protect you and guide you back down the path of happiness. The Holy Ghost is the cast that surrounds your spirit.

I’ve personally seen this work in my life. I’ve made many mistakes and some came with heavy consequences. We’ve all experienced pain, loss, sadness, and fear, but we’ve all experience happiness, laughter, love and peace. I testify that no matter how serious your sin is there is always a way to heal yourself from that heavy burden of guilt and shame. If you desire to live the life your Heavenly Father wants you to live it’s time to take action. Talk with your bishop, talk with your spouse, talk with your family and friends, talk to our Savior and talk to our Heavenly Father. You might be surprised how much love everyone has for you. You’ll also be surprised how fast your life will change. I know this because I have been healed and I want you to be healed too.

Much love,

Paul Billings


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