My Story and Vision for a New CTR Meaning

The All-New CTR Silicone Ring

Being raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints I have always been a believer, but struggled most of my life with anxiety.  I didn't love myself. I was insecure, and I just wanted to fit in. At a young age, I became addicted to alcohol and drugs, which I thought would help me be anyone other than me. And it did for a few years, however it didn't last long. I found myself at my lowest point in my life and wanting to give up.

Skateboarding and surfing have been big "positive" influences in my life.

That's when I found myself on my knees praying for help. My conversion began the moment I surrendered. I was different,

Tony Hawk, Paul Billings, Rodney Mullen

and that was okay! We all have flaws and baggage, but we also have unique talents and strengths. We need to embrace who we are and where we come from. CTR is more than choosing the right, its about choosing to love yourself and one another.

Times have changed dramatically since the original CTR Rings were introduced in the 70's. I see a world which has embraced so much hatred and division amongst one another. Kids bullying and being bullied in schools. Adults gossiping about other adults. Physical and emotional abuse in homes and public places. Mass shootings in schools, hospitals, malls and concerts. Hatred toward other's religious beliefs, political beliefs and sexual beliefs. Portraits of perfect people and perfect lives all over social media causing feelings of inadequacy, loneliness, depression, anxiety and everything thing else we believe we aren't. I can't say these challenges will ever change if we don't change as human beings. Love is the only thing that pushes away hatred. Christ is the only example of perfect love. For this very reason, we REINVENTED the CTR meaning. CTR not only means to "choose the right," it also means to "choose to love yourself and one another".

Choose to forgive, choose to be kind, choose to have compassion, choose to be humble, choose to learn, choose to be openminded, choose to not judge, choose to stand up, choose to be like Christ. These CTR silicone rings are a symbol of love and what the world needs most right now. These CTR silicone rings are for anyone and EVERYONE who wants to make the world a more loving place. 

With love,

Paul Billings


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